How are we Different?

CloudEnergi is your long term energy partner. We deliver customized solutions to meet and exceed your expectations by leveraging strategic partnerships and deep cross-sector expertise.

We understand that your business needs are unique. That is why our modular and scalable solutions adapt to your specific context, spanning the entire value-chain of switching to natural gas from gas well head to final point of use. This mean you can fully depend on us to fuel your business so you can power your growth.

Our Turnkey Solutions Address Four Key Verticals

Comprehensive Energy Audits

Gas Supply & Transportation

Infrastructure & Equipment

Workforce   Training

" You will discover our commitment to the communities in which we operate; our work to protect and sustain the environment in which we all share; the high quality products & services we offer to our customers; and the financial return we offer to our shareholders."

— Naser Sultan Al Mamari / Chairman

Our customers are typically businesses not close to a pipeline, who are looking for a cheaper, cleaner and more reliable alternative to dirty fossil fuels, and who aim to reduce their total energy expenditure while increasing efficiencies.


Glass. Aluminum, Steel. Food & Beverage. Chemical, Concrete Block Manufacturers (AAC Thermalite)

Distributed Power

Construction. Temporary Accommodation. Mining. Oil & Gas. Islands. Agriculture.

Residential & Commercial

Hotels. Malls. Hospitals. Integrated Communities. Any place that has boilers for steam (ex laundry) or use gas for cooking.

NGV Servicing

Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) servicing including: Private fleet owners: Taxi & Transportation Companies. Contractors. Offline NGV public stations.

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CloudEnergi's state-of-the-art solutions and infrastructure deliver uninterrupted gas flow 24/7/365. We are committed to providing you with premium service based on personal relationship and shared goals so you can have the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

Six Service Areas To Meet All Your Needs

1. Comprehensive Energy Audit

Switching to NG should be an informed decision. Our engagements with you start with an in-depth energy audit that assesses your fuel costs, consumption rates and variability, infrastructure, and other metrics to accurately quantify the viability, costs, project payback and energy savings of switching to natural gas.

2. Gas Supply & Transportation

No pipeline, no problem, CloudEnergi brings the pipeline to you.

Our gas supply and transportation services extend natural gas access (CNG or LNG) to consumers in regions not covered by pipelines to replace or supplement their dependence on higher cost and dirty fuels such as diesel or fuel oil.

3. Facilities Conversion for NG

Our committed facility modification team will fully evaluate your readiness to receive natural gas. We carry out all required infrastructure installations and/or equipment modification through our Technical Ready to Receive (TRTR) program, which prepares your facility to receive NG, while managing all regulatory approvals and validating safety compliance requirements. Depending on your location and volume requirements you can have natural gas on your site and operational within a few months.

4. Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Servicing

We provide consulting, design, construction, and commissioning services for fueling stations. From site analysis and station design to modifying natural gas vehicle maintenance facilities and supplying the core equipment of the fueling systems, our in-house suite of services and expertise is unmatched in the industry.

5. Maintenance & Repair

Integral to Cloud Energi’s service offerings and capabilities is maintaining and repairing all natural gas equipment used in our solutions, from the source of gas production to the final point of use at the client side. Our approach is preventative and ensures that all your related assets are operating at optimal performance.

6. Workforce Training

We provide workforce training to ensure that your front-line employees have the required skills to handle gases and our products safely, and that they are duly aware and competent in gas risk management.

CloudEnergi’s Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) management program adopts a comprehensive risk-based approach, which includes full risk assessment, risk mitigation strategies and policies, in addition to standard measures and business continuity procedures to address such risks.

Our duly licensed drivers go through rigorous selection criteria and training including defensive driving, transportation of hazardous material and first aid training. While our service teams undergo special training and follow strict procedures while operating and handling all gas related infrastructure. Our dedicated service teams ensure all equipment and transportation modules are inspected and serviced in accordance with our quality control and inspection protocols.

We are committed to a strong set of environmental principles & policies to minimize environmental impact associated with our activities, and we work closely with our partners, clients and suppliers to continually improve efficiency, conserve natural resources and reduce waste and emissions.

Our HSE Management program undergoes regular internal & external review to ensure continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness to meet regulatory and customer requirements and is in alignment with CloudEnergi’s corporate quality objectives.

CloudEnergi adheres to the industry’s highest standards of safety. Our transportation modules conform to international testing requirements including ADR, TPED, IMO, RID, UIC, and IMDG. We are ISO certified in Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Management, and Road Management Safety Systems.

" The era of Natural Gas is here.The value and benefits are real.The only question isAre You On Board?"

— Fareed Salem, Chief Executive Officer