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Natural Gas

Is the most efficient & economical of all fossil fuels.

Are you unlocking the value of this abundant & natural fuel source?

Our Virtual Pipeline Solution Unlocks Value & Delivers Peace of Mind

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The Virtual Pipeline

CloudEnergi’s VPS provides customers cheap, reliable and environmentally friendly energy compared to oil, diesel or LPG

We are your trusted bridge to safe, clean, cost-effective and reliable energy.

Across the world, virtual pipelines are extending the market for natural gas through a flexible alternative distribution channel.

CloudEnergi’s Virtual Pipeline Solution brings regular and uninterruptible natural gas deliveries to customers lying outside the reach of existing gas distribution infrastructure in the UAE and GCC market. Providing them with cheaper, more reliable and environmentally friendly energy compared to alternatives such as oil, diesel or LPG

Facilitated by intelligent logistics and proprietary infrastructure based on our Cloud Transportation Modules (CTM), our virtual pipeline solution stores, distributes and dispenses commercial quantities of natural gas to customers anywhere anytime. This replicates the regular flow of gas from a pipeline, while guaranteeing the highest standards of reliability and safety across the entire value chain from well-head to final point of use.

Five stages comprise our Virtual Pipeline Solution.

Click on the infographic below to learn more about each stage.

Features & Benefits

CloudEnergi manages all operational and logistical aspects guaranteeing safe, reliable and uninterruptible delivery of natural gas to your point of use 24/7/365.

We invested in infrastructure so you can reap the benefits.This means minimal capital expenditure & lower cost of ownership.

The Ecosystem

CloudEnergi unlocks real value to cross-sector stakeholders.

We support a healthier economic, regulatory, environmental & governmental framework within the energy ecosystem.

We are continuously engaged with all our stakeholders to improve our solutions & offerings while addressing the triple bottom line of Profit, People and Planet across the entire value chain of natural gas. 

Our solutions deepen and extend the gas market while offering direct and indirect benefits to multiple stakeholders across the natural gas value chain. We call this the CloudEnergi Ecosystem.

Click on infographic below to learn how

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